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sailor moon sailor venus minako aino bishoujo senshi sailor moon aetheledit sailormoonedit orange love goddess ilu finally finished the inners phew
i love you *mine *edit snk ilu so much you're so precious snk spoilers *snk Ymir *snkedit dsfghsk happy birthday bby i love you sososososososo much you're my queen and my goddess and my everything AND MY ANIME SELF you're so selfless and you deserve everything ahh i just want you to be happy ;v; ymirbday
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sea mermaid Goddess wut pouloute I'm completely addicted to palettes yep Idk it sounds pretentious but I kinda love a lot this thing I may actually print it for myself~ sea goddess
love beautiful audrey hepburn babe blackandwhite Goddess cardio
"Kristen Stewart Never Smiles"
YeahShe’s never smilingshe always has a bored expressionShe never smiles for the camerasShe must hate everythingShe always looks unhappyShe never seems excited about anythingShe’s always stone facedWhyDoesn’tSheEverSmile?
I love not wearing a bra in public. Goddess level 10000
love perfection style Goddess ysbh kehlani youshouldbehere
To all the girls whose thighs touch, with stretchmarks laid like gold across their backside, with bellies too full for any inadequate hands,...
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Goddess My Love From Another Star man from the stars
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