• ot3: this started with the three of us •
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welcome to The Accidental Shipping Club, where our motto is “I never meant for this to happen to me”
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Who among us started watching the show because of the twist on classic fairy tales and NOT because o...
**raises hand**
Harry Styles ~ the answer is never harry tries so hard to keep everyone happy he even sometimes put his safety at risk to please the fans when have you ever seen the other boys walk into a group of fans with no barrier or security and try and take pictures with everyone because harry styles is a gift to us and to the planet and it seems like some fans are beginning to forget that it makes me sad because harry's starting to notice it too what happened to zayn and liam when they started getting such obvious hate? they distanced themselves from fandom and stopped taking pictures when harry starts doing the same thing some of you will only have yourselves to blame sigh i love harry so much i'm sad :(
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Robin Williams rest in peace you will be missed so sad to hear this gave us so many great laughs
hannibal lecter elements my derps hannibaledit alana bloom hannibal season 2 Hannibal season 1 heateusmeme ahhh i'm so happy with how this turned out!! it started out being a smorgasbord of hannibal's emotional moments but each image eventually found its own matching partner! hannibal in the top row is so unbelievably happy but bottom is where it all comes crashing down..... (i'm sorry xC)
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