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Petition for there to be an episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean get called over to the UK to help get rid of the ghost of a very angry Shakespeare who’s rampaging up and down the country murdering English teachers for looking too deeply into and spreading false meanings about his works ...
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mygifs au meme xd hannibal hannibal lecter will graham alana bloom this took me all day au: hannibal i did my best considering all 3 of them are from completely different cultures despite the glory of available period films i tried to find good laurence fishburne stuff but the only period thing he did that i knew about was othello and he looked way too different in it i fucking hit the jackpot with freddie and had to put her in as a bonus i was gonna write a summary but i'm pretty sure someone else could do a better job i almost wrote something like 'you've been terribly rude lady lounds' and i was like 'lmao freddie as a lady?' this was fun to make and i am very happy with it and what it will inspire