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* lea michele Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron glee cast
Kise Ryouta kasamatsu yukio knb Haikyuu!! kikasa oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime IwaOi please give your full support to the artist by rating and bookmaring their art hori masayuki kashima yuu GKSN what is actually Hori's and Kashima's ship name HoriKashima
mine also Dinah bc the originals shhhhh otp: my other half camila they're like fifth harmony camila cabello dinah jane hansen Dinah Jane caminah this is queued btw i've literally been laughing for 10 minutes 'DON'T TOUCH THAT' 'gosh chancho we are on stage' 'settle down why don't you' have i ever mentioned how much i love the chancho and cheechee nicknames like i still love them nothing will ever replace chancho and cheechee otp: stage antics also i am willing to help anyone in need with their tumblr theme i will literally help anyone bad tumblr themes bother me so much no tagging bothers me i will make up your otp tags for you if it means you'll start tagging dj's renovation business is now open bc i'm supposed to be sleep
1k G Dragon Graphic long post and he's like mygdedit i'm pretty sure gd goes to jeju lovelands by himself a regular visitor coughs i actually don't think gd's the type to have obvious couple items so he would have his gf wear his clothes instead and couple jewelry that blends in w/ his other bling bling same with the dates they would have to go out of the country to not get caught i thought way too hard for this omg
mine sailor moon i guess SMC visual spoilers sailormoonedit Sailor Moon Crystal smcedit
other doodles oyasumi punpun 2014 cray of the day btw punpun and the whites of the eyes are transparent hehe quick doodle im very gomen i have a lot of art to prepare im going to be gone a couple/few weeks idk when??? so ya gotta draw a bunch of quick crappy doodles for cray of the day as well as some oc birthday chibis for comic!
art painting fantasy andrew mythology Cross Connect Miriam Escofet
calm masterpost ref this took me longer than expected pff please reblog and share with anyone who's stressed i guarentee this will help at least a lil bit happy tag uwu bun talk
doctor who icarly mr. bean supernatural the simpsons family guy The Big Bang Theory rugrats the suite life of zack and cody phineas and ferb criminal minds community south park Classic Who Buffy the vampire Slayer Eureka queer as folk My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic young justice NCIS Leverage The Vicar of Dibley dwedit better off ted Orphan Black csi: ny futrama agents of shield middleman liv & maddie
mygifs Bill Skarsgård hemlock grove Landon Liboiron i haven't made gifs in 1000 years THANK YOU VANS FOR WALKING ME THOUGH IT AND HELPING ME VANS IS A SAINT i could have never done this without her i want to do a set of just bill and landon photo's together too because their friendship is my everything they are so nerdy and just LOSERS but i love them so much *u*
graduation books the fault in our stars Hank Green tfios altered book nerdfightaria YA books johngreen TFIOS book okay?okay.
mygifs all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth Jalex rian dawson zack merrick ATL buzznet 1k* this is bad i apologize to everyone for posting it im going to tag jalex tbh like the friendship oK GUYS SHUSH i cant remember what other interviews i used
emma stone Our edits Andrew Garfield 20k please stop stonefield aggraphics public appearance esgraphics
my stuff Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki j2 j2 stuff spnedit j2plus i love their friendship so much j2edit MARRIED ASSHOLES otp: can you tie my tie? samprincesschester also i really thought jared was leaning in to give jensen a kiss on his cheek lol the gifs at the bottom look horrible i know but i just couldn't make them look good idk :/
1k zuko Avatar: the last airbender avatar the last airbender mine* mine: other atlaedit zukoedit fgc2 fgc:c i picked like all these hella long existential crisis quotes lmfao but i love them b/c development so
food cookies delicious baking cakes
pokemon hoenn Mudkip starters treecko torchic long post sorry for stacking them they're really tiny next to each other :x
** Teen Wolf twedit iamnevertheone teenwolf* so i had to make it tylerdylans corahales idk any more scallison people tbh oh well but this song !!!! lbr big girls dont cry is going to be a classic and i was listening to it the other day and this party literally screamed scallison to me come back allison :(((
my gif mine Yuri Jessica kpop sooyoung tiffany snsd Hyoyeon taeyeon sunny yoona seohyun gg girls generation tiffany hwang hwang tiffany fanygif tagging other members bc i can bc i just love red haired fany who doesnt lol
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