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feminism periods reference tampons kotek u by kotex sorry if u find this weird but u rly shouldn't? it's bc ik a few girls who do struggle with money and are constantly asking to borrow pads and i instantly thought of them when i saw this pads and tampons calling all ppl with vaginas horchatahood
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A Rant About Plagiarism...
so I woke up this morning to find this postĀ from one of my favorite artists, and I am very, very angry.(The original post is in Japanese only and it’s pretty long so I’m not going to provide a word for word translation since I have a lot I want to say already, but I’ll give you a b...
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My art thank you! long post always human always human update eeeeeee my hands are shaking I'm full of joy and gratitude and I'm utterly overwhelmed by how amazing you all are
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follow back police US abuse florida cops police brutality law enforcement Police Violence cops murder
doodles i guess... haikyuu oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime pda // maybe food / iSH?
art australia dope painting vintage candid artist Street Art LGBT icon rare 80s nostalgia RIP legend throwback mural 1984 pop art pop culture KEITH HARING AIDS activism AIDS Awareness haring Kenny Scharf 80s art Rebel Heart national gallery of Victoria graffiti heart 1958-1990
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spoilers my stuff stiles stilinski jeff davis lydia martin 5x05 stydia twedit tw spoilers stydiaedit so I guess they're meant for each other then? ;)
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