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Personal writing so here welppppp this is a little more intense than anything i usually post
qq international
mygif game of thrones margaery tyrell natalie dormer sansa x margaery gotedit gotmargaerytyrell
edited fall out boy Patrick Stump i have too much time on my hands i love it tho
1k Sebastian Stan newedit :other sstanedit
my gifs doctor who Donna Noble ugh sorry 10th doctor my things dwedit rtdedit asideremarks mmc* brotp: doctordonna friends Ughh guys please reblog this one and delete the other one the gif were in the wrong order
** game of thrones asoiaf Sansa Stark gotedit sooo idk how i feel about this i think i liked it plus first time i made a coloring for screencaps so lets pray
1k mygifs Swan Queen Emma Swan Regina Mills mine:ouat ouatedit reginamillsedit swanqueenedit tv:ouat emmaswanedit so yeah sorry I am SO SORRY for the horrible colouring I honestly suck at those also there are obviously more looks between them that kill me but as you might have noticed I went for season 3 in this set and yeah there are more season 3 moments too bUT COLOURING
ian somerhalder I'M SO DONE ianm
wtf police cops police state police brutality acab
mine divergent shailene woodley FOURTRIS tobias eaton beatrice prior tris prior Tris divergentedit theo james Divergente divergent gif trisfour SHEO I love these settings practising coloring
art painting artists on tumblr nastya ptichek
other gifs !!!!! lindsey stirling shatter me halestorm Lzzy Hale halestorm gif lzzy gif i fell in love with this song immediately
1k mine myedit 500 shailene woodley tfiosedit fangirl challenge divergentedit shaileneedit swoodleyedit
mine movie Keira Knightley Carey Mulligan Andrew Garfield never let me go
Buzzfeed Exclusive: Orphan Black Inside Kathryn Alexandre
Racism feminism people magazine Social Justice lupita nyong'o social justice mindy
Black and White skin bw Plus size fat girl self love fat acceptance self acceptance effyourbeautystandards honormycurves
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