• otp: the greatest love story ever told opens with Cas standing at the door of the MoL bunker 'my name is Castiel and welcome to my nest--fine Dean OUR nest' •
my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel eh DEANCAS i just wanted to collect deancas scenes where sam is actually present not all of these are quote unquote destiel scenes but hey read the subtext also i swear sam thinks castiel is the cutest thing ever but that's another story i could have gone back earlier seasons but i don't have them and also i already had enough...fun trying to fit all these scenes into a set it's interesting though because these aren't even the strongest destiel scenes if sam had been present in *those*
my edits otp supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel spn favorite ships cas my caps my man cass Destiel porn dean & cas The motherfucking OTP I wanna fuckqueue destiel eye banging destiel eye sex destiel + eye sex destiel + eye banging dean + cas favoirte destiel pics
sad suicide LGBT lgbtq RIP transgender trans* trans r.i.p. awareness leelah alcorn
I’M CURIOUS!¬†Reblog this if you’re okay with your RP partners¬†introducing NPCs into your threads?
Personal picture love story story The Moon the sun me and you sun and moon moon and stars the sun and the moon world apart sun and stars sun and moon tattoo sun moon tattoo
Honey bee bees honey bee nest bee nest honey production pollonation
My art expressions asks tutorial dragonflame123
My art Big Hero 6 i hope no one's done this yet bh6 tadashi hamada I had read somewhere that in the first drafts of the story Hiro was the one who created Baymax like he did in the comics but the idea was la ter changed this is me trying to make something funny with the leftover pieces of my broken heart and also trying to draw people as gender-less and traitless as possible so i'm not actually drawing anyone irl
kurt cobain nirvana guns America hole Frances Bean Cobain courtney love hole band
rape feminism anti feminism False rape accusations
my gifs DEANCAS blood cw death cw spn musings blades cw cain x colette spn spoilers ~
supernatural destiel spn
supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester castiel memories mine* spn* spnedit supernaturaledit you know what's remarkable about this scene? not that they're remembering their dad that's not what this is about this is about teaching Cas And Claire had noticed the effect how much more humane Cas was and it's because of these guys because they've always taking the time to teach him in a way he can understand a real touch of humanity wrapped up in a story illustrating to him what it means to be something like a friend or in this case a father even if they didn't have a good example of a father they have some good memories of instances that John was and that's all they've ever needed to get the job done because we sure as hell know they've never had a very good life and yet they keep fighting to make sure humanity can
castiel mystuff spn spoilers brightfallenstars mishaconfetti look at this smooth mother fucker jk cas is the most awkward jimmy and i love it
spoilers MY EDIT supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS spn 8x08 Hunteri Heroici spn parallels 10x09 supernaturalapocalypse the things we left behind i don't think i can watch this sneak peek anymore without almost crying so naturally i had to make a parallel out of it
my edits seriously dragon age so anyway daedit daedits dragon age inquisition dorian pavus i did the templar quest in my second playthrough which meant at one point this fine young man knocked on haven's door somebody knit dorian a jumper how didn't he freeze to death on his way from redcliffe the plan was not to romance him i bet taking 726357254 screencaps and editing them really helps with that i wanted my elf to romance bull dammit bioware y u do dis?
1k mine supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS spn i can't LOOK AT THEM spn spoilers cas voice is even deeper than usual and dean is so defenseless around him
If AO3 had an “if you liked this story, you’ll probably like this one” recommend feature, I would probably never leave my house again.
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