• otp: heart laid bare •
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someone: who hurt youme: do you want the complete unabridged annotated version or will the beginners introduction suffice
dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall
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I’m a laid-back person with a ton of anxiety.
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I need to get laid.
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Guess who just got laid.
Not me. Probably someone just not me
We’ve reduced islam to 5 time prayers and a dress code. It’s so much more. People have a right over you and you have a right over them, it’s about conduct and your character and manners, develop those too.
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how to get laid
1. light-up heelys
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