• otp: i need you •
orange guitar ed ed sheeran you need me i dont need you YNMIDNY ynmdny you need me dont need you
love cute i love you i want you i need you i want you so bad I love you so much i want you so badly i want you bad i need you bad i need you so badly i need you badly i want you badly
gif love Black and White want i love you i miss you i want you need miss i need you
depression lonely I DON'T KNOW help i need a life help me i need you relatable I need a hug i need help i dont care depressive you are not alone relatable quotes depressing quotes i need someone i need a friend
girl true story alone marlyn monroe I don't need you you don't need me survive without you doesn't need anyone go alone
love couple i love you need you cute quote fall apart back together need eachother
love Black and White text landscape you need i need you Darling
  • YNMIDNY in 2009:4 minutes long
  • YNMIDNY in 2010:10 minutes long
  • YNMIDNY in 2011:14 minutes long
  • YNMIDNY in 2012:20 minutes long
  • YNMIDNY in 2035:after 2 days of playing ed finally puts down the guitar and looks at the crowd. everyone has passed out on the venue floor
love sad you skins Emily Fitch unhappy need Skins UK i need you unloved unhappy love
wow i need you but I feel you don't need me.
gif love Black and White song Singing lovely bw need love you need you ed sheeran i need you THE MAN i still love you love ed by my side still love you if i could i need you by my side
i miss you i need you you don't love me fuck feelings you don't need me i need she i really need you
If only you knew how much I cried for you
I want you. I want to throw you against a wall, wrap your legs around my waist and kiss you. Kiss you until we have to stop to catch our bre...
Alguma vez você já se apaixonou? É horrível, não é? Você fica tão vulnerável. Esse tipo de sentimento abre o seu peito, abre o seu coração e...
need you my everything
Eu acho que nunca vou parar de sentir a sua falta.
I don't need you
x i need you