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Important OTP question #1364
Who’s the one who says, “Look behind you. But don’t be obvious.”?And which one is the bastard that turns their entire body around and goes, “WHERE?!”?
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Imagine your OTP sleeping together. Person A wakes up and reaches over to snuggle closer to Person B. The bed is cold and empty and as Person A sits up, they remember that Person B has been dead…Last night had been a dream. Person A then begins to cry. 
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Your OTP simultaneously leaping into a ball pit after hearing their child scream in distress.
OTP can’t be together OTP is perfect OTP is awesome OTP’s mere existence alone OTP is the best OTP being cute together OTP drowns you into a world of fantasy OTP destroys your sanity OTP gives you an infinite regress of feels that you can’t even
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Person B making a deal to save Person A’s life at the cost of all their memories together.
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  • *OTP does the sex*
  • Me:nice
  • *OTP does the holding hands, forehead touches, cheek kisses, other completely normal and PG-rated things*
  • Me:oh god ooooooooh my god Jesus take the wheel save yourselves
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