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TBT to when Colin O’Donoghue was promoted to main cast BEFORE a single episode featuring Captain Hoo...
That’s right folks - the decision to keep him around past Season 2 actually had nothing to do with fan service.  Not a single “horny teen” or “twilight mom” had the chance to get a lady boner over Hook before the decision was made to make him part of the main, recurring cast.The announcement that Co...
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Unpopular(?) Opinion on Brony Fandom...
I was really afraid to say this, and it’ll most likely lose me a lot of followers, but… …I’m getting kind of sick of Tumblr’s “brony hatedom.” Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m not saying this fandom doesn’t have a lot of problems. Because it ...
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Master storytellers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz invite everyone to join Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and...
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i just wanted a show about fairytales but not like this not like this
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