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I heard that Cassandra Clare’s lawyers are trying to take down any pages that reference her history of plagiarism…so here’s some fandom history: Cassandra Claire is a bully and a plagiarist.
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  • Dirty Diana:Dirty Diiiee-Yaaanna Naaaww!
  • Thriller:'Cause this is thriiiillllaaaaa! Thriiiillllaaaaa niieeght
  • Smooth Criminal:*cha every other word, make pronunciation unrecognizable* Annieareyouokwon'tyoutellusthatyou'reok *cha*
  • Rock With You:Girrrrrrllllllll clossee you're eyesss, let that rhythm get iiiiiiiinnnnnn to yooouuuu
  • Beat It:Strong is your fighta; it doesn't matta who's wrong or righta!
  • Come on:SHAMONE! (Can be used as an adlib or an insertion)
  • Human Nature:If they say 'why why?' Jadadadadadadada 'why?' HEEEYYY! Sha-do-be-do-ba-sho-be-do
  • ...
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talking about Rosie The Riveter, fun fact: while the We Can Do It picture has become the most-well known depiction of her in modern times, it wasn’t really a famous image when it was made—in fact, it wasn’t even intended to be her the most famous depiction of Rosie The Riveter duri...
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Don’t trust your heart when it is lonely.
People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you learn to handle things on your own