• out of all of them •
hip hop mypictures vinyls i lay them all out so i can see them this is obviously not all of them
It’s crazy to think that Green Day basically created an entirely new genre, bands from All Time Low to Simple Plan to Mayday Parade to even Fall Out Boy wouldn’t exist without Green Day’s influence, and that’s really something and that’s why I freaking love Green Day.
1k ** game of thrones tv: game of thrones gotedit dorne IM SO PUMPED FOR DORNE NEXT SEASON I WANT THEM TO GO ALL OUT
One Direction instagram lt hs Fizzy fizzy is my second favorite sister out of all of them
gif exo exo m xiumin Baozi c r y i n g my eyes out rn cutest of them all ; _ ;
I have like 20 unfinished drawings but im still like 
amandla stenberg
when i’m a rich+famous director i’m making a romeo and juliet movie where all the kids are gay girls. romeo? gay girl. juliet? gay girl. tybalt? angry protective gay girl. benvolio? small and soft gay girl. mercutio? the gayest girl to ever grace contemporary cinema 
gif stuff i made fun. yes i realize that the logo isn't really the right one for the first couple of images but the old logo has such skinny letterforms that you wouldn't have been able to see any of the album cover also major props to those of you who can recognize them all it would have taken me a while to figure out some of them
all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth really though yall one if them called jack useless
all i want to do is learn stuff and not have compulsory tests on it like i love learning new stuff and reading new books but when i stress myself out to the point where i’m crying because of exams that kinda takes the fun out of it do you feel me
andy hurley MY BAAAABY
1k delena elena gilbert damon salvatore ps 5h Damon x Elena you were all probably tired of the shit called my graphics lol but there have all of them actually i just need to get this out of my system and only ps could help me with tha
Okay, so I am sick of seeing so much hate towards Yogscast Members. So here’s what I plan to do; Whoever reblogs this by the 30th of July will have their URL put in a card and it will be sent to The Yogscast to show our appreciation.  Please please reblog and show you care. It’s not fair...
artwork Final Fantasy XIV ffxiv ashlen hart this is the most out of character drawing of them in all existence luther sharpe thomas mercer
1. All of the Stars
Ed Sheeran  The Fault In Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture)
the thing is, somebody cares. i know your best friend seems really busy all the time and is shit at texting but she still loves you and she talks to you more than she talks to anyone else and you’re the only breath of calm she has on this planet. the boy in your science class loves seeing what music...
tattoos I thought I'd just out them all together