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imagine if homestucks acted like those really really stereotypical superwholocks. “homestuck fucking sucks” eXCUSE YOU. WE KNOW HOW TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME AND CREATE YOUR PARENTS. WE HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER YOU AND COULD ERASE YOU FROM TIME AT ANY MOMENT. WE KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THE WINDS,...
  • Me:Wow you are a really awesome character. Like holy shit I am in love with you
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:You're gonna die aren't you
  • Character:Yep
people who haven’t read the books are gonna think it’s an entirely different movie when they go to see it cause they aren’t even gonna know about the 75th games they’re gonna think it’s all about a rebellion YOU’RE IN FOR A SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS
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For you were my entire book and I was merely a line in yours.
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I’m a gentle fragile forest creature so don’t ever yell at me you fucking fuck or I’ll eat you.
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