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modern food movements are ableist as fuck and i'm over it
Members of modern food movements (veganism, locavorism, whatever, have your pick) spend approximately 10% of their time devoted to eating how they think they should eat, and 90% of their time shaming those who refuse to or can’t comply to some specific, and often arbitrary, set of food guidelines. I...
The awkward moment when you're over someones house and they offer you food but you don't know how mu...
Whenever my dad opens the microwave to take out food he screams and I thought it was because he was burning himself but I’ve learned it’s just because he gets really happy about food
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Seagulls always fighting over food ????????????????????
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mine food The Report Of The Week thereportoftheweek He is an angel and I love him 'I hit the chair over there that's bonus points!'
I’m just a horny piece of shit who likes food and over thinks everything.
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food supernatural my stuff spn Sam moose winchester I was googling some stuff when I stumbled over this two and thought they would make an awesome post
  • me:[wakes up]
  • me:video games
  • me:[has shit to do]
  • me:video games
  • me:[responsibilities.......]
  • me:video games
  • world:[is ending]
  • me:video games
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