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gif harry potter romione hp babies ron x hermione otp: always the tone of surprise mystuff[1] BECAUSE ROMIONE when you try your best but you don't suceeeeed over 500! over 1000! over 2000! over 3000! over 4000! over 5000! over 6000! over 7000! over 8000! over 9000! over 10k! over 11k! over 12k! over 13k! over 14k! over 15k! over 16k! over 17k! over 18k! dh part 1
* joseph gordon levitt jgl over 100 over 1000 you are so beautiful to meeeee over 300 over 500 over 700 over 1500 over 1700 over 2000 over 2500
funny gifs my gifs tumblr over 1k over 2k over 3k over 10k over 5k over 9k over 4k over 6k over 7k over 8k dress meme THIS IS WHY YALL SHOULD TAKE PHOTOSHOP AWAY FROM ME I SWeaR over 11k over 12k over 13k
imagine if homestucks acted like those really really stereotypical superwholocks. “homestuck fucking sucks” eXCUSE YOU. WE KNOW HOW TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME AND CREATE YOUR PARENTS. WE HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER YOU AND COULD ERASE YOU FROM TIME AT ANY MOMENT. WE KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THE WINDS,...
you know what i really want? a modern dudebro vampire. just a typical obnoxious straight boy in a neon tank top and cargo shorts who also happens to be a creature of the night.“okay, dude, i’m only feeding on you ‘cause i’m starving and there aren’t any hot girls around. no homo.” “wait, you’re gonn...
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Wander over Yonder over?
I’ve been seeing a lot of speculation lately on whether or not Wander will be returning for a 3rd season. Unfortunately, the answer is no.About a year ago we presented a pitch for a season 3 arc that promised to bring our characters together in new, unexpected, and hilarious ways. And just as S2 evo...
there are two types of people in this world, people who want to touch harry styles and liars
It's over. All over. Every outfit. Every song. Every speech. Every Dick. Every Night. Over
boyfriend justin bieber music replay OVER AND OVER
“Why didn’t you write me? Why? It wasn’t over for me, I waited for you for seven years. But now it’s too late.” "I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year."
do you ever suddenly remember that some people actually have perfect vision and don’t wear glasses because they don’t need them and just stare into space for like 10 minutes wondering what that’s like
  • Me:Wow you are a really awesome character. Like holy shit I am in love with you
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:You're gonna die aren't you
  • Character:Yep
game over Space Ghost game over man
people who haven’t read the books are gonna think it’s an entirely different movie when they go to see it cause they aren’t even gonna know about the 75th games they’re gonna think it’s all about a rebellion YOU’RE IN FOR A SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS
thoughts thought over thinking over this shit reaciton
gif mine live pop punk uk Band punk neck deep OVER AND OVER
edits pop punk neck deep OVER AND OVER Rain In July