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"overlay is da bomb!" tutorial
ever wondered how to put pattern effects on stuff? this is how i do them. :P (using paint tool SAI) *other colors will change the color of your shape. tip: brownish patterns will give your shape an antique/vintage/old effect. orz i fail at explaining haha lol i love the overlay effect! :D i ...
trippy wallpaper alien transparent background tie dye overlay alien overlay
edits edit LA la dispute overlay dispute Ladispute band overlays band overlay bandoverlay bandoverlays
background seapunk overlay
ocean overlay
hipster indie overlay
dress black graceful full skirt lace overlay
heart transparent overlay overlays Transparents
mine music the maine floral symbol overlay
white cats black kittens transparent overlay yingyang kitty's
Black and White edits edit Band the wonder years bands overlay overlays thewonderyears bed sheets band overlays band overlay
ship speech bubble transparent overlay
nirvana hipster indie rad transparent overlay
cat cute quote tumblr edit mad transparent overlay
tumblr summer vintage indie transparent background overlay
drawing art live creative travel suitcase overlay
mine posters of mice and men overlay overlays
cats rad transparent sticker overlay