• painful •
sad pain mind overthinking painful
* miley cyrus miley but this gif is painful
my edits The Hunger Games THG my graphics ughh painful thg spoilers
1k mine kurt hummel THIS IS SO PAINFUL BUT HES SO HOT TOO glee actually cap
* gifs x factor fifth harmony ouch this was super painful to maKE
gifs edit The Wanted Nathan Sykes nath it was painful giffing this
*** new girl television Nick Miller Jake Johnson damn i love you so much this hiatus is painful - way too painful. this is a trilogy.
the whole thing about Cas being manipulated by angels is actually sadder than I first realized. Cas was one of the very few angels who believed in free will. He rebelled. He tried to teach the other angels about free will too. And now, what are the angels doing? They’re taking his free will aw...
gif louis tomlinson One Direction mine louis wow painful i want him under my tree or in my stocking
So I have a painful theory.
Has anyone else noticed that S8 is FULL of reoccurring actors? Not to mention all the reoccurring names (Ben/Benny, Amelia, Don, etc.) and how Sam’s storyline is completely flat (Sam/Amelia are the exact same character with the same backstory, they both lost someone (Don/Dean? c...
gif LOL Fail Basketball chair trick shot painful upick
The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows it's over.
gifs mine Korra legend of korra the legend of korra lok Lin Beifong tlok this was painful to make
doctor who 11 David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler ten ughh 19 journey's end Kill me please that would be less painful
mygifs mine dude 2k tom hiddleston whatever dude just just don't god i actually replaced it because the first colouring was painful
** 1kplus Grey's Anatomy lexie grey mark sloan george o'malley henry burton gagifs i make painful things when tumblr is down (oh and apparently start new memes too)
One Direction Zayn Malik mine* onedirection* this was painful
goodbye edits i cant KMS touch me finn harries im so done wow this was painful jfc his sexual faces
lord of the rings LOTR The Lord of the Rings 1000 notes gifs by myla *lotr this was painful to make ahahahaaaanow i'm sad