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Having an anxiety disorder is like that moment where your chair almost tips or you miss a step going down the stairs but it never stops
Misconception: Agoraphobia is the fear of leaving the house. Reality: Agoraphobia is the fear of being unable to escape and the fear of panicking without being safe. Misconception: People with Agoraphobia never, ever leave the house. Reality: Many people with Agoraphobia never leave their homes, but...
theres a huge difference btwn panic attacks and anxiety attacks. i keep seeing people use panic attack to refer to anxiety attacks and as someone who experiences panic attacks it’s just not cool to see it being marginalized in that way.the difference is:anxiety attack –>   people may feel f...
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rape doesn’t always happen up a back alley rapists aren’t always shady strangers on the corner of a street people are raped in their own homes by their own partners/parents/friends just because someone’s experience isn’t what you picture when you hear the word ‘rape’, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t ...
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im not very good at letting people help me
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  • friend:Are you ok?
  • me:afraid.
  • friend:Afraid of what?
  • me:AFRAID.
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Social anxiety is not and never will be just a shy individual. It was never as simple as that. To help one suffering, we must understand tha...
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Maybe I’m better off dead. If I was would it finally be enough to shut out all those voices in my head?
  • me:*is sad*
  • me:*listens to sad music and makes it worse bc go hard or go home*
  • Anxiety:They're talking about you! They definitely are! They hate you! You're so annoying!
  • Depression:They don't care about you, and you're overthinking it. You're not important. No one wants you around.
Don’t you dare say you ever loved me, or even tell me that you cared
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