• parallels Graphic bnw save him tkg tgedit i cry everytime i see how much ishidas art has improved •
Graphic bnw tgmd tkg tgedit trying out different styles but its not going so well but i thought we deserved this after that root a ending hahaha a. .. .h a. .a .... lets go die together
scans bnw tkg tgedit made it bnw since i think i have more monochrome blogs following me nowadays / ??? sggl sgsr
mangacaps W caps:m touka kirishima tgedit Tokyo Ghoul RE tokyo ghoul re spoilers tokyo ghoul re chapter 42 ISHIDA'S ART HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH LOOK AT TOUKA SHE'S GORGEOUS I'M SOBVBING I TRIED TO FIT ALL THE PANELS I COULD THATS WHY THIS IS SO MESSY A PHTOSET OF BLISS
Graphic tkg tgedit pasteeellsssssssss
Graphic ??? bnw this is fine tkg tgedit
Graphic tkg tgedit birthday dorks i completely forgot im so sorry smol child
Graphic dictionary tkg tgedit i should be banned from the tgedit tag lol its been so long since i did this kind of edit
Graphic requested tkg tgedit SWEATS I HOPE YOU LIKE IT muratsun
Graphic sighs deeply tkg tgedit
monochrome Graphic bnw tkg accelegif tgedit tgalbum gosh this is so tiring ;; gDI JUST FIXED A GIF
Graphic bnw tkg tgedit OK MY ENGINE IS DOWN im so tir e d thats enough tgedits in one day tbh
glee Quinn Fabray Jesse St James gifgl vocal adrenaline i still cry everytime i see this scene literally the best scene glee has ever done not to mention diannas acting in this scene and jons voice i jsut A++++++++++
Graphic ask game tkg tgedit thank you so much for asking i had fun making this!
My art anon tg Toukyou Kushu Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken tkg tghoul hideyoshi nagachika weird ghoul enemy save hide thank you for your message omg
1k * ouat spoilers Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit you can tell she realizes how much she actually loves him i cry
edits naruto itachi uchiha i'm not here uchiha itachi and perfect but who cares *naruto he has changed the definition of king and martyr and brother oh god i literally love him so much i'm crying again lost it when i saw him cry how can i feel this way about a fictional character BETTER THAN ALL YOUR FAVES IF U STILL HATE HIM AFTER EVERYTHING LET ME DRAG YOU ALONG WHEN I JUMP OFF A CLIFF king of my soul you will forever own my heart I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE
Claude Monet mine~~ Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit Frank Cadogan Cowper Ludolf Backhuysen john james masquerier you have no idea how much grief this caused me these parallels are so frickin weak but it's surprisingly hard to match art with ouat and the emma/cowper ones ruins the colour pallette but i was determined and it isn't perfect but i tried and i'm tired of yelling at it so i'm just gonna post it
Halloween Witch my art stuff inktober WHOOPS I'M LATE it's the same witch I drew for inktober 1 last year I wanna redraw a lot of stuff to see how I've improved
mangacap Graphic coloring Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken ken kaneki Shuu Tsukiyama Tsukiyama Shuu tgedit tokyo ghoul:re CB posts sasaki haise tokyo ghoul: re haise sasaki coloring: tokyo ghoul: re graphic: tokyo ghoul: re mangacap: tokyo ghoul: re i'm running out of ideas on how to put these two mangacaps together