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  • Teen:*uploads photo*
  • Middle Aged Mother:omg you look so much like your mother did!!! I remember when I was changing your underwear!! Haha!! Send all my love to everyone - Betsy and Peter
  • Second Middle Aged Mother:Wow [tags mother of teen] you have raised a charmer!! Fathers lock your sons up!! Stunning X - LuAnn
  • Mother of Teen:Haha girls it was nothing on what we were up to back in '86!! Martini Mondays! Maybe we should do TWERK Thursdays and WHATEVER Wednesdays, Y-O-L-O ! - Janice and Stephen
  • Middle Aged Mothers:*universally cackle whilst pouring another glass of wine, a LARGE one at that*
  • Teen:*internally explodes*
You know all those wonderful Christian parents who proceed to abandon, kick out, or cut off their children for any reason (including, but not limited to a child’s sexuality)? Well here we go: “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he ha...
*Dua for Parents
1. May Allah give my Parents long-life.2. May Allah fulfill my Parents expectations.3. May Allah wash all the sorrow.4. May Allah bless on my Parents.5. May Allah give them a life which is full of happiness.6. May Allah guide them to Paradise. 7. May Allah make them pious.8. May Allah fulfill  all t...
Send questions directed towards my muse's parents, and their parents will answer them!
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*has guests* Mom: well time to do The Most™
reblog if you support transgender people and believe that we aren't just confused
i have a point to prove to my mom. i want 6 million or more notes. maybe then she will stop acting like someone caused me to “think” this. or that it’s the same as being gay.
  • Kid:Can I get my eyes checked? Things are starting to get blurry.
  • Parent:-Sighs loudly- Stop complaining already, you don't need glasses.
  • Kid:It's really hard for me to breathe sometimes. Do I have asthma?
  • Parent:For the last time you don't have asthma. Maybe if you worked out a bit more you could breathe better.
  • Kid:Can you wait for the allergy medicine to kick in? The pollen and dust makes my nose really itchy.
  • Parent:I have allergies too and you don't see me complaining.
  • Kid:I think I might be depressed...
  • Parent:What are you sad about? You have a good life.
  • ...
  • Me:Can I sleepover at Melanie's house?
  • Parents:who's Melanie? you never talk about her. have I met her? where does she live? what do her parents do? does she have siblings? what's her ethnicity? how much do her parents make annually? what's her social security number?
Guys Guys Have you ever noticed the ‘Love is an Open Door’ battle on YT where people sing the song from frozen??Watch this but these guys where lip syncing so ppl got pissed and then  but it gets better much better
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When your parents bring home food you don't eat
Parents notice your fake friends before you do
  • Me:mum can i go out with my friend
  • Mum:no beta your dad's uncles neighbours cousins cats goldfish wont like it
Your parents' expectations of school (Supernatural version)
They expect you to be walking to school like: but in reality you’re like: They expect you to be in class like:  but in reality you’re like: They expect you before an exam to be all like: but in reality you’re like: They expect to react to your exam mark like: but in reality they’ll be like:
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Please, im trying to prove something to my mom
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