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mall Washington nature paris california fish shopping concrete abandoned Hong Kong bicycle railway three bangkok mill shopping mall old piano 21 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization 21 photos The Old Piano Tree California Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong Abandoned Inner City Railway In Paris City Railway Bicycle Eaten by A Tree On Vashon Island Washington Vashon Island Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken Over By Fish In Bangkok Taken over by fish Are you really reading all this tags? Old Abandoned Mill In Sorrento Italy Old Abandoned
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Father and son have the most precious conversation about par...
No religion is responsible for violence terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism.
paris beirut Baghdad The Project islamophobia Isil waleed aly
politics paris gop Syria Refugees isis woc muslims women of color democrats syrian refugees refugee crisis
In one day
Paris- Terrorist AttacksJapan- EarthquakeBaghdad- Funeral BombedBeirut- Suicide BombingMexico- Earthquake
If you’re in Paris right now
- Emergency special number (if you need information) (please, use it carefully, too many calls will make the line crash): 0800 40 60 05 - Schools and universities are closed tomorrow. (in the whole country btw)- In Paris and IDF, it’s advised NOT TO MOVE. Don’t leave your home or the place you’re st...
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For those who havent heard yet: Paris Hilton was pranked into thinking her plane was crashing and that she was going to fucking die. If you ask me ‘prank’ is the wrong fucking vocab here. This is a forced near death experience with potential emotional trauma following. Yet she has to laugh it off as...
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paris pray for paris paris attacks terrorism has no religion honestly this whole thing is just sick
mygifs Paris Fashion Week hussein chalayan chalayan
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