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gif 1k mine parks and recreation aubrey plaza chris pratt parks* evilhag cutest moment in tv history you can't deny it
mine parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza i just parksedit she's my soulmate
art BBC Merlin merthur merlin fanart arthur x merlin bbcemrys bbcarthur i'm not entirely sure in what capacity this crossover makes sense but let's just pretend it does this is kind of my halloween art so...after arthur comes back they watch httyd and dress up like this for halloween?? idk i've just wanted to draw them in these clothes for AGES :3 and i'm pretty happy with how it came out tbh \o/
mine parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza *gifs april ludgate *1k B YE parksedit farmerboyclint marlingra aprilsludgate i cant believe i just made 19 april gifs in the past 5 hrs
mine parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza april ludgate i decided to make this because april is my fucking role model the more u know about april yaaay
S3 Ep13, The Fight
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LOL parks and recreation mine 2 aubrey plaza i just had to april ludgate jim o'heir jerry gergich mine par dammit jerry
parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza april ludgate nbc safety not guaranteed the to do list
parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt s4 4.08 parksedit every episode leslie's character growth throughout this arc is amazing leading up to this scene she's so mature here but also so brave and you can see she really is afraid that he'll think it -- and she's -- not worth it even though everyone in the universe can see how grossly in love ben is (haha i didn't even notice it until giffing this scene but in the fourth gif you can see ben drop his head and shake it because he thinks she's just doing another one of her moving-the-goalpost bits where she tries to keep him in her life in a way that will just make it hurt more) these two kill me and i could talk about this scene for ages
parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza
1k lord of the rings LOTR *gifs lotredit things I've edited My Photoshop experiments dwarfings idk what else to tag it with and I don't want to tag everyone SOPHIA BBY I'M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I hope you haven't forgotten about it I finally got CS5 extended and wanted to try out new stuff I started sharpening stuff with this action but Ps kept crashing on me - more than ten times throughout the course of this set D: so it took me ages to make this and I think I won't be using that action again though it kind of makes my gifs look a bit nicer I think? I really can't tag everyone in this set
parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza
happy halloween!
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1k parks and recreation parks and rec *parks parksedit parksandrecedit the moving stuff thingy yeah dailyparksnrec parksmeme ngl i felt indifferent with this episode because andy and april got married after 3 weeks of dating the idea of it irked me a lot but as i rewatched this episode; i realized it actually fits them perfectly and they didn't break up so yay for that lol ann and donna were so gr8 in this episode though and leslie asking ben to stay in pawnee (gaaaah the feelings) i've grown to love this episode woops forgot to tag that
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louis tomlinson One Direction mine 1dedit 1d gifs Greatest Hits louisedit louis in hoodies is so very important to me he just looks so cute and snuggly i've wanted to make this set for a while and finally got around to doing it yay