• part 2 is coming and also one solely dedicated to the prince •
“Peace, peace. Thank you, Debra, thank you, BET. Thank you N...
Fanart Spiderman peter parker Marvel mcu tom holland captain america civil war cacw chanarts rwc2016 i loved how quippy he was and he wasn't a super angst fest like garfield a new era of spiderman is coming <3 if only we could get an mcu miles then life would be complete
cat comic MCM London comic village her name is Harley the cat is so fluffy she smells a bit though bit like poo and earthy
*mine *gifs noctis lucis caelum ffgraphics final fantasy xv final fantasy 15 ffxvspoilers the quality is so shitty and 80% of this clip was blinding sunlight but look at this sweet prince i haven't signed on tumblr in forever logs in just to post this bye
My art zelda legend of zelda loz impa ganondorf ganon wedding vows zelgan hyrule warriors a tale of two rulers atotr
mine Fanart haikyuu Haikyuu!! iwaizumi hajime bokuto koutarou bokuaka akaashi keiji undercover cop au
uk scenery History landscapes medieval welsh Wales castles ruins denbighshire castell dinas bran langollen
1k my gifs mine prince rest in peace
vinyl prince 1984 Records Now Spinning let's go crazy
My art zelda wedding legend of zelda hyrule impa ganondorf ganon zelgan a tale of two rulers
1k game of thrones gotedit gotjonsnow gottyrionlannister gotdaenerystargaryen iheartgot
death zelda legend of zelda lonliness ganondorf ganon zelgan A tale of Two Rulers side doodles oldmanondorf
repeat after me everyone:Dan and Phil are more important than phanno, not danisnotonfire and amazingphilDan and Phil–the real actual living and breathing human beings–are more important than a shiptheir privacy is more important, their feelings are more important, their lives, their wish...
zelda legend of zelda loz ghirahim ganondorf ganon vaati because you are wedding vows zelgan rinku a tale of two rulers atotr don't worry Ganondorf dear She DOES think you're handsome
1k mygifs mine lord of the rings Frodo Baggins The Fellowship of the Ring lotredit tolkienedit MY TINY SON i adopted another one good for u kate also trying new ways to colour because i'm so done with the current ones besides these films' colours are incredible now let me listen to the soundtrack and cry
lilo and stitch disney aladdin Mulan don bluth dreamworks the scarecrow treasure planet frozen atlantis the lost empire The road to eldorado Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas Richard Rich Animaition funny animaition
My art zelda link the legend of zelda loz ganondorf ganon skull kid Skullkid zelgan hyrule warriors rinku a tale of two rulers
u also DJ Zombies not like dumb movie zombies but like some quick crazy rabid ass people coming after u that would b so scary dj most of my fears are too personal and psychological to post online
...sorry just taking a break from work to draw!!! coloring in semi transparent things is fun hrghh this is kind of blah but ah well the weather's been super lovely lately!! and i've been swimming quite a bit sighs happily by the way do you guys get it it's lily steps instead of little steps because the cloaked figure is little and there are waterlilies also!! to draw structures in perspective a good way is to use sketchup
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