• part 2 is coming and also one solely dedicated to the prince •
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Ziam ziam au my au's holy shit this is rubbish i made this at like 5 in the morning sorry guyzzz there will be a part 2
disney cosplay frozen elsa DISNEY'S FROZEN arrendelle queen elsa
1k film MY EDIT Picspam POA prisoner of azkaban dh deathly hallows goblet of fire 10k gof hbp chamber of secrets ss fml sorcerer's stone Half Blood Prince cos hpedit tpanetwork i was only going to do one film and ended up doing all eight... lol really not surprised tbh also you can click the images for better look first time in awhile that i haven't done these type of picspams all vertical lol (omg so many nice tags from your reblogs on this thank you all!!) so two days later and i just now realize that dh parts 1 and 2 are backwards let's just pretend that they're not... lol
The “disgust” towards hood culture is solely and mainly directed at black women...
Because, if you look around, just look around in any part of black culture, we have no problem, ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM, embracing hood/ghetto black men. We think they’re cool and the embodiment of swag. We believe they rebel against the All American white male prototype. The tatted up, trap music mak...
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game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire got so yeah A Clash of Kings mine: tv gotedit got au a game of business IT'S A PART 2 WHOO cos everyone loved part 1 im doing one for every series i love the shoe pic just imagine the woman is cersei cos the shoes are yellow and she's a lannister and the first pic is Robb and also i cropped the news pages closer so that you can actually read the text i wrote
photoset she's the man amanda bynes channing tatum laura ramsey the best movie this started as a photoset for one scene and turned into an obnoxiously long one for the tagline but it's such a good tagline though i had to combine the dvd cover one and the one in the trailer because i thought the jealousy part at the end wasn't explained well either is the brother part because they should've mentioned that her brother is the real sebastian also justin should've been in there somewhere but WHATEVER all i know is that olivia/viola should've been endgame imo also laura ramsey's FACE
star trek genderbend genderswap tng star trek tng things i've done the best part of genderbends is making up names and headcanons also i really love doing lineups
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester John Winchester All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 thecapn 1to1k something wicked My queue says her party is in an old abandoned barn and we're heading there now hi sydnee my feelings about john are so complicated jfc also wow adding color to the Something Wicked flashbacks is a biiitch
blood My art fan art digital art gf gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers bill cipher weirdmaggedon part 3 spoilers take back the falls spoilers boy howdy im dead this took a bit longer than it should have and im not sure why these were going to be different but my plans changed cause they weren't turning out right i still love blood rain and im sure it'll happen for eternity in bill's spot cause that's how he rolls everyone has done a redraw of this scene during the day so that's why i wanted to do different ones- but tbh my favorite IS the day one ahahaha also I can't write oops! i also can't draw blood WELP
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photography Natalie Portman Christopher Eccleston Chris Hemsworth Thor Marvel greenwich thor 2 The Dark World thor the dark world T:TDW film vs. location they're not the best quality photos but my printer is just so terrible. it's the only way i could print them without looking like i'd soaked them in wine it also would of been 3 parts but the bloody painted halls were shut for a private event! no point going back again today for a few shots so i've left them out maybe the next time i go. i want to go a general greenwich comparison post with thor and les mis and sherlock holmes and so on
http://thoughtsofablackgirl.tumblr.com/ thriving african american cities from the http://atlantablackstar.com/ moving to baltimore
someone: I love how welcoming and nice and non-toxic this fandom is~ me, sipping hard liquor from a “World’s Best Grandma” coffee mug: lmao give it time
depression you abortion judgement self image past mental illness gender PTSD molestation stereotypes race recovery abandoned insecurities guilt eating disroders self growth the what I be project what defines you what defines us what i be project
1k 500 gintama sakata gintoki kagura yorozuya shimura shinpachi waen tries dadtoki precious little family more dadtoki coming up also there's an ugly blog url now because of recent events