• part 2 is coming and also one solely dedicated to the prince •
star trek genderbend genderswap tng star trek tng things i've done the best part of genderbends is making up names and headcanons also i really love doing lineups
TV animation cartoons comics fox spider-man Fox Kids scorpion Venom Green Goblin hobgoblin shocker Kraven the hunter saturday morning cartoons spider-man tas
photography Natalie Portman Christopher Eccleston Chris Hemsworth Thor Marvel greenwich thor 2 The Dark World thor the dark world T:TDW film vs. location they're not the best quality photos but my printer is just so terrible. it's the only way i could print them without looking like i'd soaked them in wine it also would of been 3 parts but the bloody painted halls were shut for a private event! no point going back again today for a few shots so i've left them out maybe the next time i go. i want to go a general greenwich comparison post with thor and les mis and sherlock holmes and so on
depression you abortion judgement self image past mental illness gender PTSD molestation stereotypes race recovery abandoned insecurities guilt eating disroders self growth the what I be project what defines you what defines us what i be project
amazing mine: gifs Sebastian Stan p: sebastian stan part 2 is coming when i get more videos part 2 is the 200% asshole mode
http://thoughtsofablackgirl.tumblr.com/ thriving african american cities from the http://atlantablackstar.com/ moving to baltimore
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne lmao Ziam my graphics awwww tmh tour Angel and Prince Also I love how he stops singing and then brings the mic to his mouth to make a startled noise and the way zayn is holding him
video tutorial resource blackbird Shilin walkthrough veloce okolnir Carciphona
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan 1D Celebs larry Storyboard _feature _with_tag _tag_interview jessica bennet
star wars My art Anakin Skywalker rule 63 padme amidala anidala shorelle draws genderbending is my favourite thing star wars AU star wars rule 63 AU i-i just wanted to draw all the things there are so many visually stunning things in the prequels also m!padme's entourage of decoy footmen ahahaha i'm so sorry for the lack of obi-wan in this set - there's a second part coming so this post doesn't end up being 2 metres long haha wow i haven't coloured anything in a while what am i doing otp: you are in my very soul
tony stark loki Natasha Romanoff also talentedliarloki dedicated to okay? okay. makarovs thetextbooknarcissist (made by mun) [ is it vain to dedicate things to my own muse? o.O ] ot3: back in black magic if this blows up just remember i started the copper and iron thing first because headcanons and reasons (i can't really take claim for the silver though because jeeze that's all Marvel and Nordic mythos there) (but also sexy)
Steve Rogers bucky barnes harryflynn steverogersbooty my stupid photoshop crashed while i was painting a thign and so i gave up and drew this someone save me from myself i literally cannot stop drawing the grandpas
dedicated to dylan crippledbypizza
gif harry potter i love you hp harry potter and the sorcerer's stone really i love this scene harry potter and the philosofer's stone harry potter 1 dedicated to ju hermionne harryp1 and this is dedicated for somebody much especial for me
* gif* 500 pittsburgh penguins kris letang penguins* letang* dedicated to kay because she gets the tanger love :))) this could also be titled 'kristopher letang is a dork and he touches his hair a lot'
gif 1k mine mygif Lauren camila lauren jauregui fifth harmony camila cabello camren 5h* lauren* camila* the camren moemnts were so strong in this interview i think my asshole just flew off in excitement 'humans need water to survive' wow this is brand new information! and 'also part of the kitchen' like lauren no one cares
doctor who matt smith mine Eleven jenna louise coleman dwedit clara oswald m: doctor who m: edits it looks like crap the time of the doctor this is so ugly i'm crying i have typos damnit which i edited away but it's too late ugH I WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN i spent like 5 hours on this whelps ALSO HE DIDN'T SAY GERONIMO WHEN HE REGENERATED I'M SO ANGRY AND SAD AND EVERYTHING IS A WRECK actually tbh only the fourth picture is crappy I like the first second third fifth and eighth one ish
Princess Diana Prince William Kate Middleton prince charles duchess of cambridge duck of cambridge