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Patreon Hacked, Entire Database Dumped Online
Strange, I don’t see much of this on my Dashboard. In case you missed it, yes, Patreon has been hacked, and unfortunately it’s looking like they pretty much scored everything that was stored in their databases and it has all been posted online. You can read about it here, but here’s the gist of it:P...
KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT USE PAYPAL TO PLEDGE TO THEMYou will ALWAYS show up as “declined” if you try to use PayPal to pledge to any Patreon account that is deemed NSFW, and you WON’T get an alert about it most of the time.Additionally, if you’re still not able to pledge and the money isn’t getting take...
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If you have any friends who are creators on Patreon, please forward this to them.
Got in contact with their awesome staff regarding the whole ‘fake patron’ thing, and got this as a reply:...Hi Misterfredrykphox,Thank you so much for taking the time to drop us a note and for your incredibly kind and considerate words.I’m so incredibly sorry to hear that you are dealing with ...
This Is Everything I Know: A 24-Hour Comic About Comics.
Hey, all. This is a comic I started on 24 Hour Comic Day, but I only managed to complete 12 pages on that day. That makes it a technical failure, but I decided it was worth finishing regardless of that. I sold copies at APE, but I didn’t anticipate ...
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Women, POC, Queer and Trans Creators Patreon Masterpost~
Patreon’s current UI makes it difficult to find artists who aren’t already in the Top 10 or whatever~ Let’s help support ourselves! If you are a woman, poc, queer and/or trans creator, please link your Patreon page here with a brief description of what you make/will be making~ I...
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