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rose quartz rick roll long post warp tour steven universe open book reformed suedit Ruby and Sapphire indirect kiss joy ride su pearl su garnet su amethyst The test rose's scabbard jailbreak and the return lion 3 direct to video steven's story this took waay longer than i thought it would or at least i hope ppl recognize it as such haha
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looks like megamadridista4life had their tumblr deleted, but...
Dear Steven Universe Fandom
SU isnt just for Female and Non-binary peoplePeople can cosplay who they want no matter their body typeporn is ok and not hurting any one, the creators like and support itstop complaining about people changing body type of characters in art when you are turning around and changing jasper,peridot and...
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Raise your hand if you’re emotionally prepared for the new Steven Universe episode on Thursday!
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The crystal gems’ designs… they’re so… 90sI can’t take it.It also shows how the gem’s relationship with the human world is. They might have a fence separating them, but they’re still aware of human culture.
Date someone who makes you do the Steven Universe star eye thing
Story for Steven clip
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Steven Universe - Story for Steven (full episode)Here’...
rose quartz pearl amethyst SU garnet steven universe story for steven why is it so easy to make fun of pearl sorry i had to put it right on amythyst's face but she's there