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Dear White Friends,
The definition of discovered is not “when white people found out about it” Sincerely, Your Friend of Color
Dear White Friends,
Countries and continents did not manifest into existence as soon as white people landed on them. Sincerely, Your Friend of Color Submitted by Anon
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I’ve seen a couple of posts like this directed at men but none for white people so I’m going to make oneif you’re talking to a person of colour, about anything but especially about something personal or something regarding race in any way, you need to be asking yourself: “am I making them uncomforta...
Let me grind this in a little more for you guys. "cis" (from cisgender) means you identify as the gender you were assigned. Cis does not mean: You are comfortable with your “body.” "gender you were born with." You’re not born with a gender. "straight." Being cis has nothing to do w...
People ask me if I’m lonely. I’m not lonely. I read a lot.
Newsflash: mixed people can have dark complexions
“Mixed” doesn’t mean “mixed with white”
La mayoría de la gente me cae mal.
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Dear White People,
Chipotle is not Mexican food - neither is Taco Bell. You wanna taste my culture? Eat at family run restaurants that you think you’re too good for. Stop at taco trucks on the side of the road. Go to local meat markets like La Michoacana. stop eating “Mexican” food made by white pe...
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Dear White People
Listen up. Especially gay white boys. You Do Not Have An Inner Black Woman. 
Shit white people do:
Redo high fives when the first one wasn’t good enough
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All but 3 of America’s 185 wealthiest families are white.