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Dear White Friends,
The definition of discovered is not “when white people found out about it” Sincerely, Your Friend of Color
Dear White Friends,
Countries and continents did not manifest into existence as soon as white people landed on them. Sincerely, Your Friend of Color Submitted by Anon
Let me grind this in a little more for you guys. "cis" (from cisgender) means you identify as the gender you were assigned. Cis does not mean: You are comfortable with your “body.” "gender you were born with." You’re not born with a gender. "straight." Being cis has nothing to do w...
People ask me if I’m lonely. I’m not lonely. I read a lot.
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La mayoría de la gente me cae mal.
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All but 3 of America’s 185 wealthiest families are white.
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White People Be Like
Around their parents/Getting a job On Tumblr/In POC discussions
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White People
People listen to music in different ways. I think the majority of people listen to the spirit of the song, the vibe of a song, before the me...
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