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People make bad desicions, that doesn't make them bad people.
  • Black person:I wish someone WOULD mess with my financial aid
  • Translation:They should leave my financial aid alone. I really would love to stay in college
  • Black person:Try me ho. TRY ME!
  • Translation:Don't provoke me.
  • Black person:Say that shit one more time.
  • Translation:For your own safety, please don't say that to me.
  • Black person:Come at me trick!
  • Translation:I know that I'm very good at what I do, so you shouldn't really criticize/fight me unless you want to get shut down.
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People from highschool...
"omg heeeeyyyy!!! u know it’s crazy you’re never gonna believe this but i use to have the bigge-"
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what do we call the era between albums?
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here on tumblr.com we treat everyone with respect!!! oh but except for most religious people, especially christians people who aren’t feminists people who are thin and/or underweight republicans people who like sports or are athletic anyone who enjoys things other than fiction and fandom peopl...