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Tumblr’s obsession with Pepe is pretty much the same thing as Facebook’s obsession with Minions.
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So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday...
and I really wanted to capture my thinking process when I was still dopey from the anesthesia, so I asked my mom to give me a pen and paper the second I woke upyou know what i fucking drew???? i drew god damn pepes i drew fucking memes im a shitty ass meme lover the truth is out theres no going back...
1k cosplay not mine body image ax pepe pepe the frog
me anime expo ax15
i can't even... pepe the frog
I’ve created something sinful
meme submission frog pepe pepe the frog meme trade rare pepe pepecalypse
twitter you don't even know the pain is too real Like bruh pepe the frog GrowingUpWithStrictParents Twitter finds Pepe is me shit I still deal with
when you want to be meme savvy but you gotta keep your blogs aesthetic   
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