• personally you have me pegged •
Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Liam Payne's adorableness.
Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Andrew Hussie.
love peace respect plur unity www.maverickeast.com
MTV Teen Wolf WHAT WAS THAT Sterek the t in MTV stands for TROLL
photoset gif funny quotes Mean Girls tony stark The Avengers Steve Rogers Thor newestgif loki avengers Hawkeye black widow hulk my gifs suck My captions suck
Raise Your Hand If You Have Ever Been Personally Victimized By Feels
castle kate beckett Richard Castle i'm the paper and you're the pen @obliviated castle episodes my second attempt to make this gifset. whatever this looks weird
Let’s play "Have you ever?"?. You ask me and I have to answer you, yes or not
gifs request Aang Sokka A:TLA atla katara Avatar: the last airbender toph avatar the last airbender a queue for you oh you flawed insecure BEAUTIFUL characters
Anonymously ask me, "Have you ever..."
Let’s play "Have you ever?". You ask me and I have to answer you, yes or no.
me forever crying i'm considering emailing the facilitators and being like PLEASE LET ME JOIIIIIIIN SOBS
I hope you're proud of yourself Stephenie. Crylight comma abuse Did commas personally offend you? Do you enjoy watching them suffer? moist punctuation
sculpture gaming pokemon food design crafts cheese blastoise
me love relationship text zac efron you die 17 again Broken heart have you
I personally think 1D should have a song with Zayn, Harry and Liam backing up Lou and Niall's vocals...
That would be so beautiful omg.
CrissColfer my stuff I HATE MY LIFE
i love you i want you fuck me kiss me i need you i crave you fuck me hard kiss me hard i wanna do bad things with you let me have you i want your body i want to do bad things with you I crave your touch i crave your kisses my body is ready for you
Reblog if you've been personally victimized by shirtless pictures of One Direction in Australia.