• photo sorry not sorry OMG I HAD TO DO IT IM GONNA DO 1 MORE GLITTER •
idek block B zico Woo Jiho BlockB jiho blockbgif Katyastuff Katyagif Blockbstuff bUT DON'T REUPLOAD others Zico's butt will sit on you omFG I FOUND THIS IN MY DRAFTS AND I'M LAUGHING SO AHRD OK BYE gonna actually do some work skjhfjkdshfs I reuploaded a new one cos I didn't erase stuff properly but 15 people had already reblogged it omg sorry wait omg I made thi s as a jok e 1kwat
1k my stuff sorry I just had to do this not sorry roseellendix rose ellen dix princessrosalindiwanttopoophere rosie spaughton rose and rosie
photoset gifs justin bieber quote miley cyrus k interview 2015 sorry not sorry i had to do of this specific part
the hobbit 1000 mygraphics legolas so good dos Thranduil hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug but i had to do it *legolas orlando's face im crying also im so sorry this is probably really boring im sorry once again i never said i was quality
tangled disney Rapunzel kingdom hearts kh sora fan art Square Enix doodles anna frozen wreck it ralph IM SORRY NOT SORRY elsa Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada baymax not gonna tag them all orz i had to make the frying pan keyblade
art collage no regrets i have a million things to do yet here i am making collages instead and for some reason i'm not even sorry im gonna email this to my art teacher instead of my art history paper 'sorry i didn't finish the assignment but look at harry styles'
idk tho SU lapis lazuli steven universe su lapis lazuli danny draws i fukin hated the first one but i spent so much time on it i uploaded it anyways which was gr8 bc i redrew it so much better look at that shit go i might do a few more redraws im not rly feelin the palette things rn im v sorry ill get to them tomorrow hopefully im just way too stressed rn and i kno if i work on a palette draw ill get 10x more stressed tbh
doctor who mine David Tennant :( i mean ten nah im sorry my doctor :((( dwedit it hurts a lot forever favourite rtdedit I just wanted to do something before I go to my father's house i dont want to go too it is gonna hurt forever? i need it to stop i need to get over it these gifs sucks
gif gore animation myart APRIL FOOLS gravity falls dipper pines why the hell not deer head elentori bill cipher billdip im sorry lol i had to do it demon dorito bill the triangle this should be in greyscale but it looked too boring
barack obama my graphics (1) mckayla maroney I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my president is can you imagine Romney or GWBush trying to do the Maroney face? let me do you a favor and tell you to NOT imagine that because it is creepy and weird but can we all agree that obamaroney should put out a self-help book about how to be fabulous and kick ass because let me tell you i would buy that shit in a heartbeat also can someone please PLS take a screencap of the guy to the left in the original photo throwing his head back and laughing and can you post it with 'OH MR PRESIDENT' because that is all i can see tbh I'M ALIIIIIIVE about to post an audio post to give a more thorough hello because it's been like 2 weeks omg????
free! makoto tachibana haruka nanase makoharu racyue art baka couple im so lazy to tag all charas sorry... it was so nice to be on holiday its hard to be back but makoharu helps me feel better XD i was away way too long !!! i need more makoharu omg this is so stupid sorry ?? i'll do more romantic makoharu later hopefully XD i also need to reply to many messages sorry i couldnt reply earlier !!!
* taylor momsen the pretty reckless performance punk 1000 myown. IM ACTUALLY PROUD OF THIS i'm gonna make more if this gets any notes lol i wanted to do it since i saw some of these i love it so much omg
My art atla avatar the last airbender yes. i love america 500 MORE my butthoel i was gonna do korra but nah fai did korra do ppl blaclist this should i tag it jus in case one print done. u can tell after toph i got lazy im so sorry
and idk what drove me to make this but i am sO BOREDSO I DID IT ANYWAY i saw this phrase on a post and had to do ti i'm osry not sorry
art im not sorry had to jojo's bizarre adventure jjba Mohammed Abdul
funny film mine fuck you subtitles 80's mp eric idle monty python I LOVE YOU ERIC yup screen shot wise words too many tags meaning of life GueSS WHAt I WATcheD ToNIGht sorry i had to screencap this i laughed for like five minutes i'm gonna go throw up after that one scene omg do you know how hard it was to get that last shot i dunno whatever i thought this was a good idea thank god for netflix monty python and the meaning of life
justin bieber spn Jared Padalecki sorry not sorry Superantural
depression suicidal suicide self harm cutting bleeding dead i hate everyone i hate myself i want to DIE kill me I HATE MY LIFE blades SORRY I HAD TO razors I'm No Angel numbness I wish I was dead im not happy i hate my body I DON'T CARE ANYMORE life is hard im pathetic I'm not good enough i'm done trying i wish i could disappear i wasn't always like this i was meant to die i wish i was normal I'm numb