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20 Images Of Norwegian Architecture Plucked Straight From A Fairytale
The Norwegian countryside is strewn with architecture that looks better suited to crown the pages of a fairytale book. More commonly known for its Vikings heritage and fjords, these photographs display a wide variety of architectural styles that have been used throughout the Middle Ages to the 19th ...
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23 Newlyweds Who Chose Tattoos Instead Of Rings
Marriage is often recognized as an eternal vow of love in our society. These 23 newlyweds decided to profess their love in a permanent way by getting tattoos, which symbolizes the ideals of an everlasting marriage. The sweet matching tattoos are inspirational, minimalistic and a sign of an unwaverin...
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Modern Corporate Logos Unified With Classical Art Paintings by Eisen Bernard
Filipino graphic designer Eisen Bernardo presents a 15 piece art series that integrates corporate logos with classical art. This creative endeavour taken by the artist explores consumerism through the eyes of art. He exhibits how expression adjusts with function, giving corporate design deeper artis...
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