• photoset 1k mine gif* Sense8 sense8edit lito rodriguez netflixsense8 sense8meme litorodriguezedit sidenote: im trying out a new coloring aaayyy sidenote: also i know this has been gifed so many times but you can never not gif this scene •
mine what a babe g i just love it so much i hope this looks okay though Sense8 sense8edit the cluster clusteredit officalwillgorski i know this scene has been giffed a million times already look at the little tiny babies and i'm still sad about taylor but i went on my daily will gorski retweet spam and now i'm sad about him too
1k supernatural dean winchester spn mine: spn mine: gif 8x13 Everybody Hates Hitler spn: gif i've lost track of how many times i have gifed this scene but you know what i don't care and i don't care that i don't care
my edits gifs Sense8 sense8edit kala dandekar wolfgang bogdanow lito rodriguez i feel bad not having every character in this because i love them all so much
* Sense8 sense8edit netflixsense8 tavarexx sense8sgifs wtf is this coloring lol i haven't giffed in years
photoset 10k taylor schilling THIS FUCKING SCENE Orange is the new Black Piper Chapman idk how many times this has been giffed but idc because you don't get me! ever! i wanna gif every single scene from this show ugh
1k ~ 500 miguel angel silvestre Sense8 sense8edit lito rodriguez netflixsense8 sense8 meme
* my gifs will* Sense8 sense8edit will gorski lito rodriguez lito x will sense8net sensatenet wahh look at his lips on his nose sigh... so beaut and intimate i cry lito* lito x will* i need to sort out my tagging system b/c that's a lot of tags tbh
gifs lmao Sense8 sense8edit will gorski lito rodriguez netflixsense8 prev: johnmurphys
gif * hnnnnngh yozakura quartet ao nanami i know this scene has been gifed to death but
gif * s1 requests by ana lito Sense8 sense8edit lito rodriguez
mine skyejems Sense8 capitansrogers jessicahastain sense8edit sense8* lito x hernando x daniela last gif :')
* wolfgang Sense8 sense8edit nomi marks lito rodriguez netflixsense8
photoset gif anime But whatever naruto uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke narutok naruto2 naruto: shippuuden yeah i know this has been done a zillion times precious scene
gif * .... Sense8 sense8edit netflixsense8 i was gonna make a riley gifset but
1k gifs alfonso herrera miguel angel silvestre Sense8 lito rodriguez netflixsense8 lito x hernando
1k mine *gif idk if i like this or not so i'm posting it but i spent so much time on it Sense8 sense8edit riley blue rileyblueedit
gif 1k Hernando Sense8 sense8edit lito rodriguez lito x hernando failedthecity tavarexx
1k supernatural sam winchester castiel Misha Collins spn Jared Padalecki Sastiel photoshop vomit First Born gif:spn spn 9x11 spn first born i was sobbing by this point omg i wasn't planning on gifing this but it made me so happy and i cried a shit ton so if i left it as it was it would have bothered me until i gifed the scene so it has probably been gifed 1001 times but idc i loved this scene it was so precious
mine also skyejems Sense8 capitansrogers jessicahastain sense8edit sense8* i actually have no idea what riley's skills are but i think she is the mum so i picked that music scene ocean's eleven au where lito is george clooney and wolfgang is brad pitt