• photoset Nick Jonas Oh no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO •
Nick Jonas: "¡Chicas canten conmigo!" // Publico Norteamericano: (Ni la mitad cantando) // Nick Jona...
photoset justin bieber alfredo flores NO NO NO omgoodness last gif hes so cute
1k exo gif:exo exo k sehun growl oh sehun no no no!
MY EDIT exo dead sehun NO NO NO you oh sehun hkjslshdfksdj
no no means no consent rape awareness
Odio los anuncio en "youtube".. Me desesperan, me sacan de quicio. ¡NO! es que yo no soy de esperar ...
* MY EDIT no NO NO NO I WANT TO CRY aidan turner dean o'gorman NO NO Hobbit Cast i hate them so much hobbit cast edit adean
photoset no.6 Nezumi No. 6
Tus muñecas no son papel, no las cortes. Tu peso no es un libro, no lo juzgues. Tu vida no es una pe...
No eches de menos a quien no te busca. No eches de menos a quien no te habla. No eches de menos a qu...
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch no
  • :"u must be special if niall shared his food with u" sorry I didn't realize international pop star niall horan was starved
  • :"I am a Secret from the world. I am Allison Payne, yes Liam Payne's Secret sister." No stfu
  • :bumping into international pop star harry styles with no security at a starbucks 17 seconds later oops you're in love
  • :you work at nandos and geuss who walks in demanding some peri peri chicken with a side of you
  • :"tongues fighting for dominance" excuse me since when was this a WWE fanfic
  • :meeting Harry styles for 5 mins he gently slipped his phone number into my back pocket. Cause he just likes to hand it out.
  • :"I think I recognize him from some where.." that's probably because he's in the biggest boyband in the world you dipshit
  • :beginning of the story: your parents die Then u move to London and live downstairs from One Direction.
  • ...
One Direction liam payne no liam payne gif NO NO NO NO NO i don't wanna have liam feels
Dylan O'Brien NO NO NO
anarchy anarchism no boundaries No borders no flags
mine quote quotes twitter hate gay Racist Racism tweets gays oh my god no homophobia Oh no fan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO misogynist nash grier
hannibal hugh dancy will graham nooooooooooooooooooooo Hannibal finale NO NO no no no no NO nO mizumono i swear the first and second gifs are different morbid sense of humour
Ser skater, no es ser vago. Ser hip-hopero no es ser ladron. No ser femenina no es ser lesbiana. NO ...
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