• pic •
MY PIC no give backs literally found that on the street gem diaries
mine pic 10k
cats funny pics funny photo funny pic funny photos cat photos
instagram hillary clinton BERNIE SANDERS feel the bern
pic food /
pic i guess shut up maggie originally i could only find it on funnyjunk my guy which is why i didn't source it my dude don't assume i am the scum of the earth because i couldn't find the original source my bro
LOL mine weird humor posted pizza vertical
not my pic Patrick Weekes just retweeted this lol
Personal bree cute dog golden retriever hubris she is literally the best dog in laundry basket cute dog pic
me mine life sad pain MY EDIT and shit violence etc suffering suffer MY PIC life hits hard
shit long post garnet lapis lazuli steven universe Multiple Eyes Blue Diamond steven universe spoilers su spoilers last pic more like I found an excuse to draw lapis
cosplay my cosplay cartoon network teen titans youmacon
lmao but I like this pic SO THAT'S WHY THE SONG DOESN'T MAKE SENSE and liam said it before on an interview?
3ds ssbb smash bros fire emblem ike marth fire embem awakening wiii u ike fire emblem marth fire emblem
animals cats lions Mmamoriri whispers @that last pic; lesbions
thanks for the pic Sophie lmao
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