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batman the joker heath ledger Christian Bale anne hathaway The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight batman begins Tom Hardy cillian murphy catwoman Selina Kyle mygraphics the scarecrow bruce wayne two-face bane harvey dent aaron eckhart Liam Neeson ra's al ghul sadface *k picspammy thing dr jonathan crane soooo many people to tag which i have not yet seen
1k edit my stuff yay long post hope you like this 11* The 100 the100edit the100daily dailyskypeople picspammy the 100 season 2 i'm sorry it's thing long i just couldn't sacrifice any of the picspams all about season 2
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1k edit The Hunger Games my stuff thgedit well i did it mjedit it's okay i guess fythgedit mockingjay part 1 well i finally did it i started it a week ago and just couldn't finish it ?? picspammy
horror Poster the thing the thing franchise
people who think being rude to your followers makes you cool
my stuff it's always sunny in philadelphia Charlie Day charlie kelly this is me making crappy IASIP gifs since '13 seriously though having a major Charlie thing not even a thing thing like a crush thing more like a 'hey let's braid each others hair and talk about rats' thing
John Carpenter Kurt Russell the thing cult classic macready john carpenter's the thing The Thing 1982
collage a thing a day thing
collage a thing a day thing
gif film horror 2k John Carpenter Kurt Russell the thing 1982 *thing
"Let’s talk about babies!"
// I’M GONNA DO A FUCKING THING OKAY. Everyone who reblogs or likes this will get a random picture of Paul McGann in their submit box. ┬áSo have that shit open, yo. Be it gif, still, random fucking manip of his face, anything, you will get a Paul McGann. EVERY FUCKING PERSON. ┬áBecause I hate...
I lose the ability to swallow every time Louis does that thing where he stands up using ab and thigh strength
so i did a thing for a bullying thing at school
How I am with people I first meet: Acquaintances: People I’m warming up to: Me coming out of my little shy shell: Friends:
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