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why are single dads “brave” and “inspirational” while single mums are seen as high school dropouts who rely on welfare and sleep around
How to Piss Off your Artist Friends
1) Reblog their old art 2) nothing that’s it they’re fucking furious and may in fact stop being friends with you
"Stop forcing your beliefs on me!" whined the carnist as they ate the flesh of someone who was literally forced to die because of the carnist’s beliefs that they are entitled to others’ bodies
My other room mate was pissing me off...
…so I told him of an awesome internet site he’d love.  A short little webcomic he could finish in a half hour, called homestuck.  Every 10 minutes he asks me if it’s almost done, and every 10 minutes I tell him he is.  This has been going on for 3 hours.  He has a math test tomorro...
flamingos they piss me off so mmuch
Fun Little Depression Things That Piss Everyone Else Off
- Forgetting literally everything from phone calls to visits to where you put your wallet(I just had it I swear ) - Needing 12 hours of sleep everyday but only in the middle of the day - Void days - “I’ll clean my room tomorrow” everyday - eating everything or nothi...
Ways to piss EXO-M off
ask Kris why his handwriting is so bad in all three languages play the video of Lay’s Nobody performance call Luhan “unnie” and comment on how pretty he is eat baozi food in front of Xiumin and not share kidnap the translator noona from Chen take Tao to a Gucci store and steal...
*** Maes Hughes fma:b fma jokes abby and sam piss off the world royhawkeye imafraidibluemyself
*Customer voice* Hi-Me:
Constantly being victimized by guilt-trip posts.
Summary: Yes, I love my mom. No, I don’t like cancer. Yes, people should stop abusing animals. No, I don’t think those things will ruin my blog. I just don’t want to reblog them. Yes, gay people should be able to get married.   No, I’m not a heartless/sick/bad person for not ...
gif cat angry Black Cat piss off
I cannot believe she agreed to this, but my mom said that for everynote this post gets, she’ll read a page of Homestuck. And since talking about Homestuck on the car ride to school in the morning would be awesome, please help!
sorry but ur character can’t be straight unless you have proof .. :/ I mean have they looked into the camera and said “im a heterosexual”? no? therefore every character is queer by default sorry I don’t make the rules
I mean you piss me off but i'd do anything for you
How to Piss Off the Zodiac Signs
The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): Yell at them, tell them to their face that they are wrong, tell them that they do not matter, try to physically intimidate them, brag about winning something that they were competing in, brag about being better than them. The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, ...
  • Aries:Telling them to calm down, making them feel insignificant, underestimating them, bossing them around, being slow, trying to control them.
  • Taurus:Nagging them, saying something and then not following through, being rushed, expecting them to rearrange their schedule for yours, stealing their food.
  • Gemini:Ignoring them, not caring about what they have to say, lacking interest when they are discussing something profound, not letting them explain their side of things, being boring, being ignorant, distancing yourself from them.
  • Cancer:Being insensitive, giving them the silent treatment, rejecting their love, threatening them, criticizing them, leaving them unsure about where they stand.
  • Leo:Lying to them, taking them for granted, talking behind their back, embarrassing them, undermining their authority, not appreciating them.
  • Virgo:Touching or moving their things, interrupting them, being stuck up, making them feel unappreciated, looking through their things with out asking, giving them advice they didn't ask for.
  • Libra:Pressuring them to make a decision, being disrespectful, generalizing or stereotyping anything, being unfair, making them feel inadequate, not giving them space.
  • Scorpio:Making them feel like a second option, giving them reasons to not trust you, dismissing their ideas, calling them out on their shit, getting in their face.
  • ...
my gifs loki and there is some other guy you managed to piss off his name was phil
Two people can love each other without needing to be in a romantic relationship together.
two people they can love each other a lot like a lot a lot but they   don’t have to be in a  r o m a n t i c relationship
How to piss off a Disney fan