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1 million pixels
This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pixels wide) contains 1 million pixels, each of a different color. The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.
An AU where Terezi made capes for everyone
so here is a masterpost of a TON and i mean a TOOON of pixels for the winter and christmas season so i hope you enjoy! also please like or reblog is you happen to use any thank you :)   -                                                                     ...
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kawaii pixel pixels offensive text pixelated kawaii pixels
kawaii pixel pixels kawaii pixels
Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels
Hey! I made some Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels, so feel free to use them, all of them are transparents. Even the holes in Punpun´s head are transparent.      If you want some other pixels of Oyasumi Punpun, feel free to ask me for them too!  REUPLOADED: I fixed some mistakes with the transparency of th...
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scenery pixel art pixel pixels kawaii pixels pixel scenery
2,000+ pixels, backgrounds, banners!
so i tried to categorize them as best as i could, hopefully guys can find everything. everything pretty much goes with redux themes but you can use for whatever you want. cute animals: hearts:                                                                                                          ...
gif uploads christmas gif pixels christmas pixels
love cute mine kawaii feelings crime pixels text picture kawaii pixels
cute food japanese kawaii pixel junk food Fast Food mc donalds kawaii pixels cute pixels
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kawaii princess pink candy pixels pixel text kawaii pixels
also have a little floaty rosesprite <3
art cute adorable kawaii pink cake ice cream pixel art pixel pixels I edited this lol