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Oh, fuck. Goodwill has so many Mask tapes
Ok, well, really they only have 3 different The Mask Animated Series tapes, but why do they have so many copies? Who donated these and why did they have them? Oh, fuck, now I have a lot of Mask tapes… 69 Mask tapes to be exact. They were all unopened. I don’t even have a VCR. Even if I did,...
FOR EXAMPLE Everyone has a Sonic name there are endless possibilities aaron's would be Sonic The HogHedge Now he's probably going kill me for giving away his month so it's the end of the road for Knuckles the Hedgeheg but hey--if you're actually alone on a friday that's cool--everyone doesn't always need to be out enjoy a relaxing night at home perhaps playing a certain Ivo The Enchilada's game or enjoying pizza and/or ice cream in fact--why not both?
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Some of you are so young… You weren’t here for Dashcon… Mishapocalypse… That fateful day when Pizza was deleted… There is much history you do not know children. Be grateful you’ll never have to live those horrors. Be grateful…
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A veces, sabiendo que dolerá, seguimos luchando.
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