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  • Hades:Nico is at that very special age where a boy has only one thing on his mind.
  • Aphrodite:Boys?
  • Nico:Homicide.
It’s winter in CHB and Will is wearing a really oversized sweater because Apollo kids are sensitive to lack of sun and then Percy or Jason come around and ask him if he’s seen Nico and suddenly his sweater starts wiggling and Nico’s head pops from the collar and he’s like sup
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The Apollo cabin kids are always awake at the very asscrack of dawn not because any magical ‘kid of the sun’ bullshit but because Apollo blasts heavy metal from the sun car at a sound frequency only his kids can hear to make sure they wake up on time to see their father in all his asshol...
"I'm sorry I took your daughter's virginity. It won't happen again."
Percy Jackson [to Athena], Blood of Olympus
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  • Percy:If I run and leap at Frank he will almost certainly catch me in his arms.
  • Frank:...
  • Percy:coming in! [runs at Frank]
  • Frank:NO! I'M HOLDING COFFEE! [drops coffee on floor and catches Percy]
  • Luke:Rakes. My old arch enemy.
  • Percy:I thought I was your arch enemy.
  • Luke:I have a life outside of you, Percy.
Personally, I like victory. I can’t get enough of it.
  • Rachel:I want to start training. There have been a ton of monsters in my neighbourhood, and the demigods in my area are very bad.
  • Percy:You live in our area.
  • Rachel:Yeah, I know.
I don’t think one actress should play Aphrodite I think it should be multiple woman of different races and looks because beauty isn’t just white woman alone or black woman alone or Asian woman alone or any other race alone. everyone is beautiful and that is who Aphrodite is, she is beaut...
the percy jackson fandom right now:
  • Percy:Annabeth is going to kill us when she finds out!
  • Leo:You mean… If she finds out
  • Percy:If…. If is good
  • Nico:Holy shit. Hell-hounds.
  • Hazel:Nico, you know I hate it when you swear.
  • Nico:You’re right. Sorry. Holy shit. Heck-Hounds.
  • Percy:Luke has hoodwinked Annabeth and I on several occasions. How’s the saying go? Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, won’t get fooled again. Fool me a third time and well, the second time didn’t really count because, I mean, damn, didn’t he look dead?
  • Grover:Percy, that’s not remotely how the saying goes.
  • Jason:What’s your specialty, Percy?

  • Percy:I know you want me to say the ladies. But I’m classier than that.
  • Reyna:Percy, please keep an eye on Octavian today. He’s gonna say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
  • Percy:Sure, I’d love to see Octavian get punched.
  • Reyna:Try again.
  • Percy:I will… stop Octavian from getting punched?
  • Reyna:Correct.