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How Well Do You Know Your Space Photos?
Can you guess the subject of each of these pictures? How many will you get right? Test your friends and family to see who knows their space photos the best. 1. Ice on Earth or a Picture of Mars?2. Dry Land on Earth or a Close-Up of Jupiter?3. Mercury or Our Moon?4. Do You Think This is Mars or Our H...
The 20 Most Stunning and Impressive Astronomy Photographs from 2015
Astrophotography is an art and scientific method, which is continuously evolving. The technique is specifically used to capture and record images of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky. The first image of our galaxy was taken into 1840. In 2015, there has been a stunning series of ...
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phobias of the zodiac
use saturn. aries∾ thaasophobia: the fear of idleness or sitting down. taurus∾ tropophobia: the fear of change. gemini∾ decideophobia: the fear of making decisions. cancer∾ athagoraphobia: the fear of abandonment. leo∾ athazagoraphobia: the fear of being forgotten or ignored. virgo∾ ataxophobia: the...
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