• please hs IM SO ENDEARED •
Alex Gaskarth Alex SolidkarthAlex Liquidkarth Jack BarakatJack BaradogJack Barakitten Rian DawsonRian DawfatherRian Dawmother Zack MerrickZack MerrgrossZack Merrew
Larry Stylinson candid hs. lt. im soooo bored
Harry Styles im not okay hs
Because giving you my hand’s middle finger is sooo mainstream
im sorry did you want this hershey chocolate bar WELL TOO FUCKIN G BAD  THIS IS MY HERSHEY BAR -dramatic running-
So I'm bored. Everyone who reblogs this until 1 AM on 12/7/12 Gets a free drawing of what i first th...
when an entire fandom mischaracterizes a character and everyone goes along with it
i hope harry styles gets stuck in a serious wind storm that blows his hair back down onto his forehead
* justin bieber snl mygifss jbieber JBgifs correct me if im wrong please!
on a scale of one to invade russia in the winter how bad is your idea
~ klaine glee rachel berry artie abrams manip this is so crappy im sorry dantana
‘The Profound Bond’ - A new romantic comedy sta...
hs shhhhhhh on my sisters phone dont tell her im here also im not rlly here im a ghost ghostblogging
gifs i love you exo Kai exo k bb so much please rest a lot :(((( im not good with words so just accept my feelings kk
Harry Styles One Direction 1D 1D* hs* edits~ IM YELLING OH YM GODNEGDSFMZXCK
Harry Styles One Direction MY EDIT hs im bored request something
I bet people just naturally hand Louis babies and Harry has to beg to hold them
Harry Styles so cute instagram tweets hs
Harry Styles One Direction 1D his eyes 1D* hs* edits~ IM CR YIGN BYE