• please hs IM SO ENDEARED •
the curve on this shot….omg. amazing. BMW Pro Am 2016
fav homestuck hs SU I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH steven universe ultimate fav lauren zuke amber rogers
gifs my gifs hyuk Dynamite ravi Please Don't Cry precious smile vixx HongBin hakyeon vixxedit RaBin dynamite4thwin awwww my baby!!! I WAS SO TOUCHED TOO ;-; /SOOOOBS/ i'm so happy~~ they worked so hard!!!! Hyukvi proud starlight here AWWWW ;;U;; LOOK AT HYOGI'S SMILE ;)))))))))
bts: run ballad remix, house of cards full length ver., love is not over full length ver.armys:
“butterfly prologue mix”“run ballad mix”“love is not over (full length edition)”“house of cards (full length edition)”
my gifs mine 10k mcavoys ghostbusters chemsworthedit im so excited for this lol
when will writers stop adding unneeded heterosexual romances to shows and movies?? can I get an exact date cause I’m gonna sleep till then
writings intense poems so I'm sharing more from my journal tell me if I should do more please shit I got tons more
In case no one’s told you lately:
You’re not a burden.It’s okay to be struggling.It’s okay to tell people you’re struggling.Please tell people you’re struggling.Don’t suffer in silence. Tell someone. Get help.It’s okay to need help.Please get yourself help.You’re not the exception to recovery.The world is more beautiful because you’...
mine mygif youngjae my sunshine gif: youngjae my boo bear got7 choi youngjae got7editorsnet mygif: youngjae mygif: 1k mygif: 2k mygif: 3k mygif: 4k im so dead pls no bby my insides are screaming he's crying tears of joy but still ;;n;; he's wearing a halo on his head like can you believe he's an actual angel
keaton kaden fe14 im so in luv w them
  • me, seeing a girl:wow. this is it, the most beautiful girl in the entire world. wow
  • me, seeing another girl:wow. this is it,
Please Respect Service Dogs
1. Service dogs can be any breed (pure or mixed), any size, shape, gender, color, or coat type. Though Labs, Goldens, Poodles and a mix of these three may be a common sight in service dog work, any breed can be a service dog. 2. Every service dog is trained to perform a specific task. Leading the bl...
haikyuu morangos mofados Haikyuu!! Kuroo Tetsurou hq!!edit /haikyuu please dont look too closely otherwise you'll see all the flaws so..... lets refrain his hair looks so nice and fluffy here im a goner
mine u im angsty as fuck but its fine
1k Seungri 2k taeyang mp bigbang baeri welcoming collection i've been screaming for two days because of this because baeri is HEYHEEEHSSSDDD first of all OIIIIIIIOIOOOIWOHQOOWO WHAT KINDA DEVELOPMENT SO SEWEWWEEET also he's so cute when he talks IM btw dont worry im not gonna gif everything im done if ur waiting for your dvd one more later tho haahh
lost light film landscape black dark day clouds mountains nature highway freeway End hills bushes vertical ending gloomy speeding man made I-5 david hanjani photographyofdavidhanjani 100mph god made Patterns In The World Is Our Reality Just A Computer Simulation I Love Tumblr So Much And I Love David Karp David Karp I Love You We Are Both Davids And I Love You Please Love Me My Heart Is Age 5 And My Mind Is Age 15 And It Will Never Change Please Be Nice I Will Prob Only Live To 21 Right Now Im 20 LOL Im David BTW
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