• please hs IM SO ENDEARED •
on a scale of one to invade russia in the winter how bad is your idea
Christmas LOL holiday lmao holidays humor december ecard yes please so true relatable
omfg im laughing so hard i fell asleep on my keyboard last night and i just found this
my background im lauging so hard rn
”free wifi” ”please ask a member of staff for details”
Ok so...
I was home alone and someone rang my doorbell and i looked through my window and saw some people wearing Mitt Romney shirts and i thought they would try to tell me why i should vote for him  So I opened the door like this
justin bieber anne frank im laghing so hard jfc
PE is 5% exorcise and 95% embarrassment 
love kisses lips please stomach so miss it much touch butterflies Kissme Addicted
Street Compliments
love omg want please money this need hahah !!!!!! YEKATERINA so right
best of
friendly reminder that human tragedy isn’t a fucking contest. 
you’ve been hit by you’ve been struck by a 
If you think about it potatoes don’t really get all that much credit they’re fucking awesome this one thing here can be made into: different variations of fries regular, curly, waffle. It can be made into chips or ruffly  you can make hashbrowns with it even a salad add some fuc...
my favourite kind of friendship is one where there’s a mutual understanding of the fact that we both have our own lives so we won’t be able to talk or hang out all the time but when we do talk or hang out it’s like picking up right where we left off 
xd why did i do this im so random
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