• please save me from myself •
questions moi
  • most girls:hair done up really cute, lots of makeup, designer clothes, hipster blog, thigh gap
  • me:no hair, glasses, scary beard, button up shirts and porkpie hat, cooks meth to provide for my family. i am the danger. i am the one who knocks
Two bloggers went outside that’s it that’s the joke
My art dangan ronpa chihiro fujisaki mondo oowada chihimondo notes post
No llores, joder, no llores.
death blood depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone hate crying self harm self hate die dead cry dying scars sadness empty self destruction loneliness hate myself save me hate me killing myself save me from myself why won't someone realize that i'm not okay
love lost depressed depression sad lonely alone broken upset sadness forgotten loneliness lost love miserable mental illness heartbreak please stay brokenhearted abandoned Trigger depressive mental disorder depressing quotes don't leave me save me from myself self harn sadquotes dontgo imbroken sadpart
me love depression myself skinny follow back hate fat mirror help ana mia my image followback I want to be skinny i am fat PLEASE HELP ME i hate my body ana tips love can save me you can save me
MY EDIT jojo's bizarre adventure joseph joestar jjba jotaro kujo Jean Pierre Polnareff jojo no kimyou na bouken please save me from myself
depression suicidal suicide cut help me I'm done save me from myself he's gone
gif lyrics Bring Me The Horizon bmth drown save me from myself
Llorar de miedo, llorar de impotencia…¿sabes lo que es?
Sketch evangelion new tablet did not save me from myself still drawin the same shit
louis                                              louis louis                                              louis louis                                              louis louis                                              louis louis                       louis                louis louis            ...
depression suicide eating disorder self harm cutting ed i hate myself save me fuck life PLEASE HELP ME i can't live like this anymore i just want to be good enough just help me get me out of here
depressed depression suicidal suicide pain hurt anxiety alone please hurting help self harm help me loneliness mental illness save me mental health pleasure i want to DIE kill me depressive I WANT TO CRY i want to kill myself depressing quotes im addicted
Sálvame de la nada en la que me he convertido, devuélveme a la vida.
gif 1k Bring Me The Horizon ^ OLI SYKES drown
Bring Me The Horizon bmth matt nicholls matt kean lee malia OLI SYKES drown Jordan Fish