• pokemon My art xoxoxoxoxo mimikkyu HI LONG TIME NO SEE i have some asks backed up REST ASSURED I WILL GET 2 THEM BUT I HAVE TO EXPRESS MY LOVE 4 THIS BOOGER •
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1k justin bieber Graphic *gifs *~ Birthday Edit happy birthday justin bieber all edits *[6] i am crying because this cam out the way i wanted it Probably no one will reblog but here it goes
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giveaway homestuck forgive me friends the top photo is blurry but its 4 am and i just want to go to bed also fuck the tiny pillows they're hard to get i might need to make them a touch bigger so they dont split and i need to practice hidden stitches also some of the symbols look weird because my printer ran out of ink so i had to hand paint parts uhhhhhg
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
mygifs 100 impala 2.16 roadkill BOWLEGS spnedit i hope this is what you wanted Jensenedit deangif jarededit sammygif bowlegs are my universe stopallthenoise blegsrequest and i have a couple of other request that i will be working on them when ever i have a break sorry they are taking me so long i just havent had time to gif :(
austin carlile Warped Tour
when you’re in trouble there are four options: stay silent and get yelled at for ignoring your parent apologize and get yelled at for sass (even when it was sincere) defend yourself and get yelled at for talking back answer any questions your parent asked you and get yelled at for sass (again ...
sherlock My art Fanart johnlock i'm thinking it's going to be almost entirely in grayscale just to speed things up. i'll be posting links underneath to the previous/next posts when i actually get more posted remakeproject
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pokemon edits things i made crossover crack long post pokemon teams shingeki no kyojin aaaah attack on titan pokemon vs huge thanks to my facebook friends who helped me come up with a lot of the team ideas if you want an explaination for a pokemon choice let me know nearly all of them have very specific explainations if they're not obvious enough snk sprites
health fitness fat acceptance body acceptance thin privilege Progress Pics i keep meaning to It's about time I said this in this way
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:) 1k © tutorial coloring tutorial this literally took me hours please let me know what you think or if there is any mistakes i'm happy to help if you need more!