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Trainer Tips:
For all the trainers playing Pokemon Gen1 for the first time!Special Atk. and Special Def. are bundled up into a single stat, so keep that in mind when deciding what Pokemon to use!There’s no breeding in these games, but there’s also no Effort Values, Natures, IVs, Abilities, or even gendered pokemo...
Pallet Town
Junichi Masuda  Pokémon RGBY
Pokémon RGBY - Pallet Town
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mine rainbow green blue pink purple colors yellow pastel color palette just tagging the colors so it's easy to find them on my blog I wanted to make another rainbow one this one's less bright but I think it's nice :—)
pokemon process pokemon x and y pancham trainer serena braixen pokemon xy anime pkmnart too pink!!! xD
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pokemon myart was supposed to be a quick doodle lmao
mine pink colors :') yellow pastel Peach i like this color palette
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