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background masterpost!
this took me a whole lot of time so i hope you like it!  this post includes pixel gif bgs POKEMON bgs pixel scenery bgs scenery bgs cute/kawaii bgs lace borders sidebars   pixel gif bgs: POKEMON bgs: pixel scenery bgs: ...
pokemon lugia hooh Pokemon Sprites isunovasprites the backgrounds would've been brighter but tumblr wouldn't allow it
Pixel Backgrounds (?????)
BACKGROUND MASTER POST !!! YAY !!! I decided to make one of these because I’ve been getting a lot of asks about where I get my backgrounds…  90+ backgrounds… some intended for no-repeat; background size; 100% (the pixel scenes) and some intended for repeat; (tile backgr...
pokemon cards valentines Valentine's Day valentine's cards
pokemon cards valentines Valentine's Day valentine's cards
Pattern Backgrounds
art pokemon heres all of them pumpkaboo i couldn't decide on slightly different color blending modes so maybe i should make a tile tag tiles tag okay to use uvu
art pokemon Fanart meowth vulpix ninetales Mudkip Skitty stupid doodles Lillipup photo background
pokemon monster hunter Monhun pokemonster hunter tyrantrum is the best
okay this may be a little early but here’s a christmas background masterpost for y’all!! none of these pictures belong to me so don’t give me credit and if a picture is yours and you want me to remove it (or add credit) then please let me know! please don’t be that person ...
pikachu pokemon charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle renders until my thumb cramps the glowy lighting thing is bothering me a little tho but im too tired to do anymore TT vTT redrawing old things feels nice remember when i used to do backgrounds looks into the sunset im thinking about redoing that boathouse thing too would anyone be interested in a gif/photoset of my process or something i still have the photoshop file
flower pink nature rose sideback sidebar background sidebar bg sidebacks sidebar backgrounds sidebar bgs
kawaii lovely fish amazing ocean pastel neon backgrounds pastel goth wallpapers kawaii background kawaii backgrounds
2,000+ pixels, backgrounds, banners!
so i tried to categorize them as best as i could, hopefully guys can find everything. everything pretty much goes with redux themes but you can use for whatever you want. cute animals: hearts:                                                                                                          ...
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