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*BIG* Pokémon video games and Gameboy giveaway! (ENDS SEPT 8TH!)
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the pokémon video game giveaway to end all pokémon video game giveaways. I am giving away three generations of gameboys (yes, three) and NINE games to go with them. All of these will go to ONE winner. Talk about a massive haul. Here’s what the winn...
What CAN'T Chris Matrin Do?....
Write lots of beautiful songs? check Sing?  check play guitar? check Piano? check Dance? check Perform in front of millions? check be sexy? check!! work out? check help save the world? check Rap?…. AND grow a mullet??? check Acrobats? check surf? check travel to outer space? check ...
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Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer extension. Mei Vs. Cheren.
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Reblog If you think Peta is wrong and you love your Pokemon
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