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A man is being sought by police after a fire was set at a medical clinic while employees and patients were still in the building.Sprinklers were set off at the Centre métropolitain...
Woman  who Filed Flint Water Lawsuit Shot Dead in Twin Killing
Sasha Bell, the 19-year-old mother who was the first person from Flint to sue the city for poisoning thousands of its residents, was found dead in her apartment, New York Daily News reports.Bell, along with a second woman, Sacorya Reed, were both shot to death last week in the Ridgecrest Village apa...
Black College Student Reported Missing after Uber ride
The family of a missing Georgia State University college student is asking for the public’s help in finding her. Photos of 21-year-old Monique Priester were posted on Instagram, and fliers are circulating around the Georgia State campus in hopes of locating her. Due to the increase of ha...
People are demanding justice in San-Francisco and protesting against police brutality, have you heard about that?
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University of California(Davis) has been reported to pay $175000 for this image to not appear when y...
On November 18th, 2011, a peaceful protest was held in UC Davis. A branch of “Occupy Wallstreet”, Occupy UC Davis was intended to protest police violence on UC campuses. The police responded by hearing their concerns, agreeing and then pepper-sprayed the protesters. That’s righ...
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