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A cop is far more likely… to kill you than you are to kill a cop… The idea that police have an incredibly dangerous job is what we Southerne...
10 absolutely real statistics about police brutality:There have been two officer-involved shooting deaths per day in 2015.That same report found blacks to be killed at 3 times the rate of whites or other minorities.It also found that almost a quarter of those killed were identified as mentally ill b...
5 black women. 5 lives. All of them were “found dead” in jail since mid-July.
?Sandra Bland. Kindra Chapman. Ralkina Jones. Raynetta Turner. Joyce Curnell.
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first grader killed by the police
didn’t look like an accident. More like execution. 5 shots in the head and chest.
Police Officer Fires Gun at Minivan Full of Kids
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It is absolutely barbaric that four adult police officers would surround a 71-pound eight-year-old little Indian girl and shoot her in the c...
Police in Brooklyn were looking for a suicidal man in his 20s.They found an 86-year-old man cooking soup in the kitchen.He had a knife in one hand and an onion in the other. That’s when police tasered him.He’s lucky to be alive and now he’s suing. 
Just because you’re Black and you live in a Black community, which has been projected as a community of criminals. This is done. And o...
A woman with Asperger’s who posted a touching viral video with her service dog last summer has been shot dead by police.Arizona police officers on Thursday shot Danielle Jacobs, when they arrived at her vicinity around 11 am for an alleged suicide call.The story is always the same when it comes to p...
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Black people have to now be cautious calling the police when we need help.